Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guatemala Expectations

Guatemala tomorrow...I expect:

  • 500 beautiful children, each with a unique, personal story...a story that began with abuse, neglect or abandonment but has turned into a story of hope and opportunity-a testimony of God's love.

  • to have my heart break when I hear their stories at the same time I am looking into their eyes.

  • to understand more of why God commands us to look after the orphans and widows and to praise God for His provision.

  • children thankful to have a safe place to live-a place where they are not being sold, used or hurt-yet at the same time, longing for a family where they are loved and valued-one of 6, not one of 500.

  • to wake up as dawn breaks to the crowing of roosters and chatter of children (oh, and sharing a bathroom with 22 women!)

  • quiet devotional time with God where He prepares me for a day that I cannot see

  • shy children, afraid of another rejection; outgoing children clamoring for someone to notice them

  • to stand at the entrance of their school with a cup of hot, Guatemalan coffee giving hugs as the children begin their day. Hearing lots of "Buenos dias", replying with "Have a good day."

  • amazing worship services with children dancing, singing, praising

  • to sit on the concrete, surrounded by young boys, playing Bible Bingo in Spanish

  • God to do more than I could ever ask or imagine

  • God to reveal Himself in a fresh way

  • God's mercy to be new every morning

  • God to love these children through me, God to love me through these children

  • God's presence

  • God...