Saturday, May 11, 2013

I love my mom

Today I am reflecting on why I love my mom. It's not because she was a perfect mom. Living in any family automatically produces many moments of "If I only could only have a do-over." I have many of those and I am sure that my mom does too. But I do love her and want to honor her.

I love my mom because:
She gave me life.
She first loved me.
She watched over me when I was a helpless babe.
She cared for me.
She provided for me.
She protected me.
She gave to me when I had nothing to give to her.
She picked me up when I took that really ugly spill on my bike and tended to my wounds.
She focuses on the potential she sees in me and parents in an attempt to draw that out.
She teaches me what is really important in life.
She's always available, ready to listen. She's always happy when I call her.
She likes spending time with me.

As I look at my list, I take note that these are the same reasons that I love God. And then, I realize that I love my mom for another reason. She provided a glimpse of the way that God loves. And yet, He is the perfect Father, perfect in His love. He never needs a "do-over." I could substitute His name in my list. I love Him because He gave me life and first loved me ...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. And thanks!