Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leslie and Travis - married in just 2 weeks

Leslie and be married in a mere 2 weeks!

They are total opposites in so many ways. She is contemplative and measures her actions by the consequences. He is a man of adventure and rarely thought beyond the next moment. They are good for each other. She makes him consider the future and make plans and he makes her stop and enjoy the moment. Thankfully, they have one thing in common - the most important thing - they both love Jesus. They met when they were both employed by the church in youth ministry, teaching teenagers about Jesus, His life,  His ways and His desires for each of us.

Travis pursued the world of professional BMX riding - doing all of those crazy stunts mid-air until ... his dad received that dreaded diagnosis. He found himself taking on the full-time responsibility of running his dad's industrial balancing shop as his father fought for his life. Travis is a good son. He honored his father well.

His dad lost that battle yesterday. He breathed his last breath as Travis held his hand and said, "I love you." And it could have been a depressing, dismal, dark day except...

Two weeks ago, Leslie, Travis, Dave and Zach payed a visit to bedridden Joe. Dave told Joe about the Jesus we know and love. He told Joe about the family to which we as believers belong. Joe agreed with Dave and said he wanted to be part of our Christian family so while Zach played worship songs, Dave baptized Joe and prayed over him.

That made all the difference. Yesterday became the day that Joe stepped into God's presence where he was greeted with amazing love - the kind of love that we all seek - pure, unselfish, holy love. I tried to imagine the beauty of that moment, and my mind just couldn't wrap itself around the grandeur. I am so happy for Joe. I am so happy that Travis is assured that he will see his dad again. I am so happy that God keeps His promises to never abandon us and to see us through the fires of life. And I am so happy that Travis is going to marry into our family. Did I mention, that he is a good son?

God is good. God is faithful. God is trustworthy.

When you think about it, please pray for Travis and Leslie. Pray for their wedding. Pray for their marriage.


Shauna said...

I love that when I read your blog I read it hearing your voice in the way you would share this in your sweet southern tone. What a comfort to know that Travis's Dad is in the arms of our Father. It must be so hard though. I will be praying for L & T!

Team Leslie said...

God is so good! And through families like yours His love & grace are so beautifully shared.

LaurenZ said...

So sweet to know that death had no sting for Joe ... But I know Travis will really miss him. Praying for him and for Les.