Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How is it possible?

Try to visualize this scenario...

18 women, ages 17 - 80:

In a foreign country
Living for 7 days in a home for 500 children (babies to university students)
Sleeping in one large room on bunk beds (lots of ear plugs in action!)
6:00 AM alarm each morning

Sharing 3 bathroom stalls with shower curtains for doors
Sharing 3 shower heads with only shower curtains to provide a smidgeon of privacy
Sharing 3 sinks
Sharing lives

Hearts broken over broken children
Ears hearing travesties committed against children who should have been able to trust adults
Eyes seeing God's power to heal and restore

Crying together
Working together
Praying together
Playing together
Worshipping God together

This was God's recipe for: Perfect unity...joy...peace...patience...kindness...love.

What an amazing, dedicated team He put together - the body of Christ at work, using everyone's gifts and talents.

It could only be God at work! All glory be to Him.

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